TransSafe Safety Experience and Expertise

  • Currently working with several corporations to ensure safety programs relating to Commercial Motor Vehicles meet all federal regulations and improve the overall safety profile of the corporation.
  • Assists companies desiring to improve safety or provide safety services to transportations companies. Provides strategic direction and relationship management.
  • As Chief of the Washington State Patrol directed and coordinated all resources and activities of the agency to ensure the protection of citizens and property.
  • Responsible for commissioned officers with full police powers. Commissioned activities include traffic law enforcement, narcotics, organized crime, fraud investigations, and other criminal investigations.
  • Responsible for the administration of other public safety functions – including the State Fire Marshal, State Toxicologist, Fire Training Academy, state crime laboratory system, training academy, criminal telecommunications, and the state’s repositories for fingerprints and criminal records.
  • Responsible for internal investigations, assistance to other pubic entities, development of policy and legislation, development and management of budgets and established accountability measures for programs.

Services Provided: Consulting services regarding regulatory and legislative actions impacting the transportation and public safety and security industry – specifically in the areas of safety and security:

  • Assist companies in risk management as it relates to transportation services.
  • Provide litigation support, including expert witness services
  • Assist companies with all aspects of the FMCSA Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA) program
  • Review safety data and practices – recommend best practices
  • Assist with petitions or rulemaking comments
  • Advise on specific regulations or legislative actions

Serving: Shippers, 3PL’s, Trucking Companies, Associations, IT Companies,
Safety Companies and Companies looking to do business with the Federal Government.